Sell your tablets

Once you online form is filled in, a user is created in our secured database, linked to a tablet serial number.

The first time the tablet connects to the Internet, it receives its config, selected apps, Tabbya Interface, and the pack of service you want to provide your final user with.

You can specify a list of call service inside our communication hub : videocalls, VoIP calls, VoIP bridged to telephone networks calls, skype calls. Calls can be made to any destination. If you want our company to provide your user with our coaching service (Tabbya's coaches), you'll just need to purchase time-credit for your user.

The users are your clients, so you can implement any business model you want, from one shot sales to renting or leasing, with or without subscriptions. We deliver software and infrastructure as a service to you, so you can start using tablets as a way to deliver a better experience, differentiate your company and create new lignes of revenues.

You can purchase tablets directly from a reseller or buy them from our company. A serial number is enough to remotely configure them at first launch/internet connection.